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Paseos rurales. Yunquera (en inglés)

Diputación de Málaga
Rural Walks. Sierra de las Nieves

Paseos rurales. Yunquera (en inglés)

Yunquera owes its name to the large number of reeds (juncos) that can be found in the vicinity and, as everyone well knows, where there are a lot of reeds there is also an abundant supply of underground water.

It also happens to have the most extensive covering of Pinsapos (Spanish Fir) in the whole region and the visitor to the area will be struck by the greenness as he or she contemplates nature at its best in the Sierra de Las Nieves. In fact to call it green does no real justice to the truth, as there are such a limitless number of different shades of green, that at times it seems there are no two plants alike in the whole valley or mountains. It really is a magical spot where time has almost stood still and there is a kind of primeval feel to the whole place that will not leave the visitor indifferent.

It seems to go back to Roman times, although there are no remains from that period today. What is known though is that it was a place where the Christians were living when the Berber Invasion took them by storm in the VIII century. The splendid La Torre Vigia (The Arabic Watchtower) that stands high up above the village today is evidence enough of the presence of an impressive stronghold from the past. A visit to the top is well worth it as it opens up some magnificent views of the overwhelmingly beautiful natural beauty that surrounds Yunquera.

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