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Paseos rurales. Tolox (en inglés)

Diputación de Málaga
Rural Walks. Sierra de las Nieves

Paseos rurales. Tolox (en inglés)

Located at the heart of la Sierra de las Nieves, it is a land of constant colour changes that range from the stony white of the limestone to the mud red of the more sturdy rock formations higher up, amongst which is the emblematic peak called Torrecilla. This summit stands high at 1919 metres and is the highest within the whole province of Malaga and the third deepest fall in the world. Another very special spot in the area is the source of the Rio Verde (Green River).

All of this rich diversity creates a wonderful postcard-like landscape and one of the most attractive natural beauty spots in the whole province, especially when it snows and the white blanket covers most of the area. This is not, however, the only place worthy of mention for its beauty in the municipality of Tolox. As just north of the territory the mountain ranges drop off suddenly forming impressive and very deep cliff-like walls. The two most dramatic are the Cañada de las Carnicerîas and the one that is a little further away near the Horcajos River. where the forests cling to the sheer cliffs to form hanging forests.

On leaving the highest parts of the mountain ranges. visitors will leave behind the cliffs and last running water and exchange them for a more smooth looking landscape full of rolling hills and olive groves, fields of cereal crops, vegetable plots and fruit tree orchards.

The village is built true to Arab design and style, the best example of which is the part named, la Rinconada del Castillo or el Barrio Alto. This part is made up of extremely narrow windy streets that adapt to the lay of the mountainous land they are built on. As is normal for these places it seems that each comer has a wonderful selection of hanging flowers to delight the visitor. One aspect that is perhaps worth mentioning is the presence of a spring of bitter water which has certain medicinal properties that are used by some to cure certain ills.

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