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Paseos rurales. El Burgo (en inglés)

Diputación de Málaga
Rural Walks. Sierra de las Nieves

Paseos rurales. El Burgo (en inglés)

The River Turon springs to life and sends its crystal clear water onto the plains. here. There are thickly forested mountains all around whre fine examples of Spanish Firs, olive trees and fields of cereal crops can be found in abundance. The delicious and varied gastronomic choice on offer as well as the selection of local crafts and wonderful festivities all come together to tempt outsideres to visit and enjoy this village.

El Burgo, which is built high up on a hilltop, has always looked history square in the face. Since its beginnings, many different civilisations have come and gone from the area, and many have longed to devour and possess this strategically placed town. First it was the home to the small family clans in the Copper Age, then it was taken by the Carthesians. It was on the trade routes during the Roma occupation and, therefore, much travelled by traders and the like and finally it was turned into an important frontier defence castle in the Arab period.

Nowadays, the only thing a visitor has to do is stroll through its half Arab, half Christian streets and the privileged natural surroundings as well as the many tourism services that the village has to offer. El Burgo is, above all, a place for visitors to enjoy real peace and quiet.

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