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Paseos rurales. Alozaina (en inglés)

Diputación de Málaga
Rural Walks. Sierra de las Nieves

Paseos rurales. Alozaina (en inglés)

For the Arabs, Alozaina means small fortress or good and healthy place; good because of its mild climate, being sheltered from the icy chills by the mountain range known locally as Sierra Prieta, and healthy for its gastronomy which is always bathed in the highest quality of olive oils. The local festivities and religious pilgrimages are interwoven with the village's history from time immemorial. Its rather proud and beautiful silhouette sits at the meeting point between the Hoya de Malaga (The Malaga Basin) and the Sierras (mountain ranges). Its land, which has an abundant supply of archaeological ramains, is rich in all kinds of cereals, olive and fruit crops. All this lives harmoniously in the shelter of the Sierra Prieta, the massive majestic mountain that stands guard to the village.

This mountain village, with its many squares and little places that are reminders of its Muslim occupation, was the birthplace of Marîa Sagrado, who was, and is, one of the village's most celebrated heroines, due to her exploits when she defended the village against the Moors, by over turning beehives, releasing swarms of angry bees onto the invaders, thereby forcing them to flee.

Thanks to the villager's  overwheming hospitality, visitors to Alozaina can feel as though they are part fo the village almost immediately, especially at Easter, which is lived with special passion and feelin here.

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