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Cuento y leyenda de La Viñuela

Diputación de Málaga

Cuento y leyenda de La Viñuela

The name La Vinuela refers to small vineyards belonging to an old inn, currently Bar La Plaza, which existed on the Vélez-Málaga Highroad to Granada, a place which at the beginning of the XVII century was known as La Vinuela.

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One of the traditions it still maintains is the festival of the raisin, celebrated at the end of the harvesting of one of the fruits on which the town’s economy is based. The Virgen de las Angustias (the Virgin of Anguish), patron saint of the town, is taken from the church where it has been for months, waiting to be taken to the shrine. A joyful procession accompanies the statue. At the beginning, when most of the people of the town took part in the harvesting and laying out of the raisins, it was traditional to stop the harvesting of grapes so that people could come together and participate in the festivity. Naturally, all that remains today is the token celebration, in commemoration of times past, as a tradition that gives visitors the chance to taste a glass of the first must, raisins and local wines.


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