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Archaeological Deposits of Finca del Secretario

Diputación de Málaga

Archaeological Deposits of Finca del Secretario

It is an important archaeological Roman deposit that includes a factory (with cutting plant, tanks for fish salting and storage), some ovens and baths. The chronology of the site is estimated between the first and fifth centuries of our era, but its discovery is very recent (1987), during the unfolding of the variant of Fuengirola highway on its way through the House by the Secretary on the right bank of the stream Pajares, between the railway-Málaga to Fuengirola and the Quarter of Los Pacos.
Invaluable historical pieces have been found in this deposit, such as the Venus of Fuengirola or agricultural tools.

In relation to the baths, excavations carried out since 1991 have uncovered a small thermal building (approximately 540 square meters), whose excellent condition make it the most complete of those found in the province of Málaga so far .
Access to the baths had to be located in the northeast of the building, the worst known to be partially under the road. A paved platform provided an entrance to a small lobby richly decorated with wall paintings and polychrome mosaic floor with geometric patterns. Then a patio, as a distributor, head the swimmers into the various rooms of the building.

On the north side of the courtyard, flanked by two small fountains decorated with mosaics framed with seashells, opens the “apodyterium” or wardrove. On the south side lies the latrine and a small pool of cold water. In the east we find another pool and in the west of the courtyard were located the heated area consisting of four rooms.

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