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The Roman City of Lacipo

Diputación de Málaga

The Roman City of Lacipo

Located 4 km. from the town itself, at Cortijo de Alechipe (a private estate), it still retains part of its walls, though these are largely in ruins.

The layout of the village is clearly defined; in fact, it is the second best-preserved Phoenician settlement in Spain. An altar dedicated to youth and another to the fortune of Augustus can be found here. In the north of the village, two small turrets some 8 metres in diameter can be seen. Each features two observation posts in the northern face, two in the sides and a further two on the southern side.

Lacipo was of vital importance during Roman times due to its strategic position within the peninsula and its proximity to Africa. Later, it was used by the Visigoths as a burial ground, remains of which have been discovered in recent times.

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