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Rupestre church

Diputación de Málaga

Rupestre church

This monumental complex has the distinction of having been carved into the limestone itself, carving many aesthetic and functional details. Among other peculiarities of these details it can be highlighted horseshoe arches, niches, buttresses, simulated pitched roofs, bench for liturgical service, triumphal arch to separate the nave and the chancel of the church, different types of vaults, ventilation galleries and escape routes. In particular it can be assumed the existence of a dome, facing the northernmost vaulted nave, with tubes or ventilation shafts that come up to the top surface.

According to the architectural design in plan, it is a set of three main and two accessory buildings (all in the same direction), similar to that in Ronda and Archidona, also called the set expression of unique ships.

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C/ De la Cruz, Zip Code 29100