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Metal-making Factory (Hydraulic heritage)

Diputación de Málaga

Metal-making Factory (Hydraulic heritage)

According to a book published by Altos Hornos de Vizcaya the first corrugated iron factory of Spain was installed in Juzcar. It is situated on private property.

Juzcar was chosen as the site for this factory due to the abundance of available wood in the mountainous region, which was indispensable for the production of vegetable carbon for the smelting of the iron. The factory started to manufacture iron in 1731 and, according to the aforementioned book, the name given to the place and which was engraved on the stonework over the main entrance was, “Something never seen in Spain, THE ROYAL FACTORY OF CORRUGATD IRON AND ITS DERIVITIVES; during the reign of the invincible Catholic Kings D. Felipe V and Isabel Farnesio”

The factory, which was situated next to the river in a place was known as "Finca La Fábrica", had a secret room where the tinning was conducted. At the peak of its production it had some 200 workers. As the process of elaboration was unknown in Spain at the time, some thirty technicians from Germany had to come to the factory under the supervision of two Swiss engineers; Pedro Menrón and Emerico Dupasquier.

Some accounts tell that the German technicians had to be smuggled out of Germany in barrels as they were prohibited from leaving the country from fear that other countries would become competitors in this industry. Supposedly, they were transported on the back of camels sent especially by the Spanish government in Madrid, which were chosen instead of donkeys and mules for their superior strength. Sadly, the factory went bankrupt due to the strong competition of the industry in Asturias and the Basque country.

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