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The Museum of Sacred Art

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The Museum of Sacred Art

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This museum, which was inaugurated in December 2003, is situated in the ancient sacristy, right behind the main altar of the Church of Santiago Apóstol.

The parish council decided to carry out some restoration work in 2001 due to the bad condition of one of its lateral naves was in. The idea of preparing a place where the religious relics belonging to the church could be exhibited as a museum is a reality thanks to the vision of the parish.

This museum also exists today thanks to the agreement signed by the Town Council and the Diocese and with the funds received through the Plan to Promote Tourism in Sierra de las Nieves.

In the Entrance Guest’s Room, visitors can contemplate a wide range of religious paintings, which date from the 18th century through to the modern day. The glass paintings of José Vendido, from the 18th century are the most outstanding.

Moving through to the Main Enhibition Room, on the left there are a selection of pieces of delicate silverware carefully exhibited in beautifully made glass display cabinets, of which the most worthy of mention is a Monstrance of silver and gold made in Mexico in the 18th century, a Parish church cross, from 1862, made of white silver and with the figure of a pelican on it and a crown of thorns in white silver from 1847.

In some of the other independent glass display windows visitors can admire some polychrome sculptures: A Niño Jesús from the Martínez Montañez school from the 17th century; and a Virgen de los Dolores, from the 17th century, too.

On the right there is a selection of delicately woven cloths, of which the most outstanding is a crimson priest’s robe finished off with golden embroidery which was donated to the parish by the Reyes Catolicas in the 15th century, and a “Cordero Místico”, also embroidered in golden thread from the beginning of the 20th century.

Finally, there is a collection of books that date back to the 17th century onwards, which are exhibited in the display windows in the centre of the room.

Visits can be arranged through appointment with the Tourist Information Office beforehand.

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