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King's Chair

Diputación de Málaga

King's Chair

The three Guadalteba Guadalhorce reservoirs are nestled in one of the beautiful natural environments of Ardales. In this Natural Park there are three large reservoirs: Conde de Guadalhorce, Guadalhorce and Guadalteba. Although the natural environment corresponds to Ardales, the only reservoir that is in its entirety in the municipality of Ardales is the Conde de Guadalhorce, while others are in the municipalities of Teba, Campillos and Antequera.
One of the most iconic things to visit in reservoirs is the "King's Chair", which is a set of two banks, a chair and a table all made of stone, where King Alfonso 13th signed the completion of construction of the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir.

From the King's chair, to the other side of the dam, it can be seen the House of the Engineer or Casa del Conde, which is closed to the passage.
Also in Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir can see the facade of the church, which was also used as a school. Another place of interest is the Viewpoint (Mirador) reservoir, from which it can be seen, a bird's eye view of the whole reservoir.

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