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Blas Infante House Museum

Diputación de Málaga

Blas Infante House Museum

This “raison d’etre” of this house is to publicise the life and work of this famous Andalusian man. The Museum/house is set up in what was originally the home of Blas Infante and is located at 51 Carrera Street. It has two floors, an exhibition room, a room where all manner of documents can be consulted, an archive and a conference room.

The complete works of Blas Infante can be found here, and there are originals and copies of many of the most-read magazines of his day which contain articles about him, as well as important documents that he wrote or signed, such as the Internal Regulations of the Centro Andaluz de Sevilla, which he presided over, copies of the documents pertaining to the founding of the Centro Andaluz de Casares, and the academic records of the house’s original owner, Blas Infante. There is also a collection of photographs depicting important places and moments in his life. Scenes captured range from the Ronda Assembly of 1918 to the raising of the Andalusian flag in Seville during the Second Republic.

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