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Cueva del Hundidero (Hundidero Cave), Montejaque (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga

Cueva del Hundidero (Hundidero Cave), Montejaque (Unique Site)

Unique Corners


Recommended month to visit it: April.

The impressive rocky magnitude of the cave encourages reflection while we gaze and observe the whimsical shapes of its walls and their infinity of tones and lights.

The Cueva del Hundidero, with its more than fifty metres of hight, is spectacular. It is situated at the bottom of a gorge where the Gaduares or Campobuche river runs.

A dam was built a century ago at the beginning of the gorge, but the permeability of the karstic land resisted against the storage of the torrent.

We are at 3 kilometres from Montejaque, by the MA-05 road. This is the entrance of the Hundidero-Gato system, a unique system of galleries. It is overwhelming to stand at the entrance of the cave. Contemplating the the rocky mass commands respect. You will not be able to stop looking upwards.



  • Parking (high site): 300238 / 4070347
  • Parking (low site): 300188 /  4070029
  • Hundidero Cave (entrance - mouth):  300310 /  4069717


More info

This cave is as well impressive. It is placed at the border of the province, at the bottom of a gorge where the Guaduares and Campobuche Rivers flow, and it is more than 50 metres high.

Above it, there is a road that goes from Grazalema to the Municipalities of Benaoján and Montejaque in the Province of Málaga. The river goes through mountains and it reappears in Cueva del Gato, some four kilometres away from the entrance to the cave.

Both caves, Hundidero and Gato, form a unique and genuine hydrogeological system, composed by galleries with entrance in Hundidero Cave (in the small town of Montejaque) and the exite Cueva del Gato in Benaoján. Approximately 60 % of these galleries are registered in the Town of Montejaque.

At the entrance of the gorge, a dam was built in 1920’s in order to stop torrential waters. Recently, stone stairs have been built so the access to the dam would be easier.

Considering that karstic terrain with dolomite and limestone rocks that went through weathering process is very permeable, rainwater disappears from the surface after few days through a drain system at the bottom of a reservoir. A building company installed this system in order to see where the water goes.

Once they had found the gallery that used to be filled up by torrential rain, they covered it with concrete. Nevertheless, water found another entrance, and the dam was abandoned. The existence of this reservoir made the water flow even more unpredictable because, at the beginning of the system, there is no water but, little by little, the water flow gets bigger and its itinerary can become uncontrollable. 

The reservoir formed a gorgeous valley that can be observed while walking down lovely paths surrounded by greenery and bushes. Water levels in the reservoir are marked on a rocky spur. On the way round the overflow points of this old dam, you can spot a stream that goes to the bottom of the gorge, and meets the Guadares River until it gets closed in Cueva de Hundidero. All in all, you will be able to enjoy a real treasure of the countryside at one of the borders of the Province of Málaga.

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