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Cave of Nerja

Diputación de Málaga

Cave of Nerja

The cave is 4,283 metres long, though only a third of this is open to tourists. It features two natural entrances and one of the man-made variety opened to visitors in 1960. The cavity can be divided into three areas, the Galerías Bajas which are open to tourists, the Galerías Altas and Galerías Nuevas, the latter of which was completely unknown prior to 1969-1970 and is entered via a narrow raised passage located in the Cataclismo room, though this section is not open to tourists.

The visitor will be surprised by the sheer size of the rooms, with their high roofs and magnificent stalactite and stalagmite formations, which include examples of practically all known varieties. The areas not open to the public are home to spectacular formations, with enormous roofs covering several dozen metres which are teeming with stalactites.

(SEE "Archaeological Museum of cave of Nerja" in Museum)