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Charco del Canalón. Río Verde. Istán

Diputación de Málaga

Charco del Canalón. Río Verde. Istán

  • Protected Area: Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park
  • Watershed: Mediterranean Catchment Area
  • Main Watercourse: Río Verde
  • Municipality: Istán
  • Coordinates: x: 326886 / y: 4054119 / z: 391 m
  • Location: convoluted
  • Access: convenient
  • Swimming Potential: medium.


How to Get There

Starting from the upper part of Istán next to the village sports facilities, take the dirt track that crosses the Río Molinos where it rises. After almost 4 km, take the dirt track sloping down to the left, which after 2 km takes you to the Vegas del Colmenar, next to the Río Verde. There are two flattish areas here where you can park. Follow the dirt track that is closed off by a chain, along the left bank (when facing downstream) of the river, and after proceeding a further 2.5 km, you will reach the Balatín ford (there is still a hanging bridge that is in very bad condition) and the pool located a few metres away upstream.


Interesting Facts

The Charco del Canalón lies concealed between two limestone rock faces and takes its name from the water falling from an irrigation stream located a few metres above. The abundant vegetation on its sides, covered with cork oaks (Quercus suber), pine trees, junipers, heather and cistus together with the gorge itself are stunningly picturesque. The main pool is elongated, narrow and deep, of an inviting green shade. Downstream there is a small pool that is ideal for the younger members of the family.


Please Note

The Río Verde takes its name from the considerable quantity of algae covering its rocks, which makes it difficult to walk because it is fairly slippery. The pool itself is very deep and not suitable for those who do not know how to swim well, as there are few handholds on its edges. Be careful when swimming under the artificial waterfall; the water falls from a height and can hurt. The rocks distributed around the right-hand bank or next to the smaller pool can be used as a basecamp. In the summertime, the place is frequented by locals and tourists.

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