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Diputación de Málaga
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    This Hermitage from the XVIIIth century (although it was restored in the year 2000), is quite a normal looking building with its white-washed facade, dinteled entrance and split pediment (which...

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    The Entredicho Natural Viewpoint offers excellent view of the Villanueva de Tapia village. Villanueva de Tapia is a municipality which belongs to the Northern Málaga Mountains (the territory of...


    This project, funded by the Competitiveness Tourism Plan Sierra Norte de Málaga, pretends to create an area for recreation and leisure for visitors located in the "trifinio", that is to say, the...


    This is a ride to the mountainous village Villanueva del Trabuco, with rough and sheer rocky slopes with plenty of springs, which stretch to the plains in Archidona and Villanueva de Tapia. These...

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    Every year, Archidona plays host to a dog show. Held in the first week of June, it has been declared a “Tourist Event of National Interest” and is attended by all manner of dog lovers, from hunters...

The northeastern part of Malaga, so-called Nororma, is situated in a privileged geographical location between the provinces of Granada and Cordoba and it is an important junction between them and Seville.

This region standsout not only because the wide fields of olive trees and meadows, but also because of its forests of holm oaks that alternate with grain fields. These lands offer the most important environmental resources, for example the lagoons of Archidona (La Grande and La Chica), archaeological find spots, such as the estate San Vicente, Samiaja, the cave Las Grajas, the necropolis Los Alcaides and the cave Arcos among others.

Peace, rest, tranquillity and the agricultural landscape linked with the rich gastronomy of these lands and the hospitality of its inhabitants converts Nororma in a new and interesting tourist destination for countryside lovers, including of course a rich heritage which will surprise any traveller.

All this we can find on a real crossroad, which has witnessed for ages changes of cultures and villages that welcome all kinds of visitors.

Pastries, cheese, pork, oil, grain and honey.

Pottery, goldsmithing, textile.

Wood and pottery.

Active tourism (rafting, climbing, mountain biking, gliding and hiking), pot-holing, culture, agricultural tourism and nature.


More English information of Noroma - Sierra Norte de Málaga on the website of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board.