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Diputación de Málaga
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    The Casa Torreón is the most unique building in the whole village. It was the old residence of the Mayor of Donceles, otherwisw known as Diego Fernández de Córdoba, who was...

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    Its name possibly comes from the Latin word “sedilla” which in Lower Roman meant rural settlement. Name of its inhabitants: Sedellanos. Legend: Among its legends, Sedella...

As for the origin of the name, it may derirve from the Latin term, “sedilia” that meant settlement or rural belongings” in the Lower Roman Empire.

The oldest name that has been used refering to this place is that of, Villa del Castillo. However, there are even more ancient references that are a little more concrete, but nontheless interesting. In the VIIth century and before the arrival of the Arabs, there was a settlement that appeared on the maps drawn up by the church and commisioned by the Visigoth King Wamba, called, “Sedille”. Before this, the bishop of Malaga talked of his congregation in Sedilla. After the Christian reconquest it was known as Xedalia.

However, according to popular legend, the original name dates back to the time of the Reconquest, when there was a battle between Christians and Moors at a place called Arroyo de la Matanza. When Queen Isabel was asked if she had heard of this battle, she replied, “Sé de ella" ( Literally means: Yes, I have heard of it).

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