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Diputación de Málaga
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      Recommended month to visit it: May . In an strategic area of the Valle del Guadalhorce, between Álora and Cártama, crossed by the Guadalhorce river and in the shade of Sierra de Gibralmora...


    A parish church with a three-tiered tower that dates back to the 17th centruy and which was used as a home for sick people at that time. It was completely looted in 1931. The tower is square and it...

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    This viewpoint is placed in the beauty spot of La Ermita (the Country Chapel) Pass, on the way that stretches from the Village of Pizarra to Our Lady of the Remedies of Fuensanta Country Chapel....

  • There are four ways that meet at this point: the northern way from Álora, the eastern way from Almología, the western way from Pizarra; and the southern way from Málaga. The...

Pizarra is a town located in the Guadalhorce Valley. You can experience some unforgettable moments in this picturesque region in the Costa del Sol, relishing the beauty of the natural environment.

The renowned Californian artist Gino Hollander had close ties with the town. The local museum testifies to this.




The local museum has a permanent exhibition of antiques which belonged to the town"s residents, as well as the personal collection of the American abstract painter Gino Hollander, who found inspiration for her art in Pizarra.

The town"s noble mansion, that was home to the Counts of Puerto Hermoso. Their usual place of residence, the Counts of Puerto Hermoso´s Palace was built during the 20th century, in a style strongly influenced by Mudejar art, which was becoming popular during this period. This palace was well known among the high political circles and national institutions; among its guests was the King Alfonso XIII of Spain and The Pizarra Conference, an event which reunited Spanish politics after the Battle of Annual, was hosted there.

The main religious monument is the Church of San Pedro. It is characterised by the single nave and square ground plan of its bell tower. But its most distinguishing feature is the set of artworks kept inside: canvasses, altarpieces and carvings from different periods and a baptismal font dating back to the 17th century when it was built.

The Hermanas de la Cruz convent was created by one of the founders of the municipality of Pizarra, the fifth Count of Puerto Hermoso. Here the Sisters of the Cross attended to the sick and the poor.

On the Castillejos de Quintana Hill, there is an archaeological site where we can find residences and tombs from the Mozarab period. Other findings of this nature include the pre-historic necropolis and the Roman bath, commonly known as ""El Bañadero de la Reina"" (The Queen´s Bath.)

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Escudo de Pizarra
Town Hall
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1, 29560 
Geographic Data
Surface 64 km2
Altitude 80 m
Latitude 36º 46'
Length -4º 42'
Distance to Málaga City 33,7 km
Population 9073
Men 4580
Women 4493
Nationality Pizarreños