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Diputación de Málaga
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    Dated from the 18th century. It consists of a basilica base with three naves. It is known as “The Catedral” (Cathedral)" due to its great dimensions. It is covered by half canyon vaults and groins,...


    Alpandeire is the birthplace of Francisco Tomas Marquez Sanchez, better known as Fray Leopoldo (born on June 24, 1864). This lay brother of the Order of the Capuchins, sample of service, obedience...


    This viewpoint is located on a bend of the road from Alpandeire to Farajan, taking advantage of an ancient statue of Fray Leopoldo existing here. The aim of this initiative, financed by the Plan to...

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    Orienteering is an outdoor sport in which participants are only given a topographical map and a compass and need to find some control points. Orienteering races are organized regularly and...

Ringed by the stunning scenery of the Genal Valley in the Serranía de Ronda, is Alpandeire, a small village with a population of just 270. The village is laid out in the Arabic fashion, forming a maze of narrow streets, a classic example of Andalusian folk architecture. Alpandeire is the birthplace of the famed Catholic preacher Fray Leopoldo.

Lying at the foot of the Sierra de Jarastepar, it is the ideal environment for fans of nature and hiking. Two routes lead from Alpandeire to the villages of Atajate, Faraján and several natural parks.




One of the must-see sights in Alpandeire is Fray Leopoldo's House. Born and bred in this town, this Capuchin monk was famous for his charity work and dedicated his life to serving the poor. The house in which he was born has been converted into a monument of historical and artistic importance and features many of his personal belongings.

There is also a bronze statue erected in his honour and vantage point named after him, where one can also see another stature of Fray Leopoldo with a child in his arms. You can also follow the footsteps of the Fray Leopoldo along a trail that goes from Alpandeire and winds its way through a series of towns and villages in the Serrania de Ronda, including Pujerra, Igualeja, Cartajima, Juzcar and Farajan, all places where he walked until he entered the Capuchin order at the age of 33.

Another monument of interest is the Antiguo Pósito - the Old Granary - built in the 17th century in the centre of Alpandeire, today a cultural centre.

Also in the municipal area is a series of dolmens called the Encinas Borrachas (literally, the ""Drunken Oaks""). These megaliths form a prehistoric gravesite where archaeologists have uncovered the remains of five individuals.

In the centre of Alpandeire is the most famous of all its sights, the Church of San Antonio de Padua. It is popularly known as the ""Cathedral of the Serrania"" thanks to its impressive size compared with the rest of the buildings in the town centre. Originally built in the 16th century, its current appearance owes more to the rebuilding two centuries later. Its floor plan is in the form of a basilica, composed of three naves and two octagonal bell towers crowned with pyramid-shaped roofs.

In the vault is an old cemetery in which lie two intact, embalmed bodies - according to popular tradition, that is - of a married couple who contributed funds to pay for the church's construction.

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Escudo de Alpandeire
Town Hall
C/ Pilar, 19, 29460 
Geographic Data
Surface 31 km2
Altitude 695 m
Latitude 36º 38'
Length -5º 12'
Distance to Málaga City 121 km
City 252
Men 129
Women 123
Nationality Panditos