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Hotel "La Cazalla" (Distinguished Establishments)

Diputación de Málaga

Hotel "La Cazalla" (Distinguished Establishments)

Unique Establishments

Leaving the town of Ronda, some 800 metres along the A369 road to Algeciras on the right hand side there is a second roundabout. The exit towards "La Cazalla", a farm with more than 51.000m2 located 2,8 Km away in the spectacular "Tajo del Abanico" (fan-shaped cliffs), is indicated. The track ahead is flanked by exuberant vegetation and is easy to follow as there are blue-marked stones alongside the track right up to this magnificent establishment, which is located in an unexpected and breathtakingly beautiful setting. This country estate is, in itself, a tiny self-sufficient private valley.

The old farmhouse, which has been completely restored and adapted for tourist use, is surrounded by enormous oaks, olive trees, walnut, pomegranate and persimmon trees. This establishment, has been renovated according to the time-old Andalusian arquitectural tradition and materials: Arab roof tiles, white-washed walls, hand-made ceramic tile floors, cobbled terraces and water fountains that are respectful of the property and region’s Arabic tradition.

La Cazalla, which is officially classified as a hotel, has six large bedrooms, all of which have spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Each bedroom has a pair of binoculars available for the guest’s exclusive use. The interior decoration is serious, the two dominating colours being white and cream, and the furniture is old-fashioned, as so are the engravings and paintings on the walls.

The double beds are enormous and have high quality feather-duvets. The charming bathrooms have everything that is needed to make the guest’s stay comfortable. The presence of an exterior window guarantees natural light all day. As a unique complement the rooms have a cylindrical-shaped shower unit next to the bath which provides guests moments of complete relaxation.

The lounges, which are divided up into two different levels and joined together by Moorish arches are real expressions of good artistic taste. The lower lounge still has the wonderfully preserved and restored original Roman floor as well as one of the original walls from the old village house. This style has been incorporated in the various building projects over time that creates new spaces. One of these is the dinning hall, which still has many of the original stone walls as do the common areas.

The motto followed throughout the whole decoration project has been "simplicity, comfort, and luxury without ostentation".

The goal has been to attempt to create an atmosphere that contributes to the harmonious and authentic wholeness. All in all, there are few decorative items, but the ones that are there enhance the aesthetic value of the interior each space.

The comfortable sofa armchairs and corner lamps that light up the many corners, all help to create small intimate spots that attract guests to dialogue or have a good read. To encourage such things the estate has set up a library, which has an interesting collection of books, both in English and in Spanish. Furthermore, the owner has a working knowledge of several languages and her son is fluent in English. This obviously helps foreigners enjoy conversation, which at the same time makes them feel more at home.

There are no televisions in the rooms or the common areas as this establishment is committed to maintaining the atmosphere of peace and serenity so that nothing interrupts the guest’s rest and intimacy.

There is a constant flow of relaxing background music all over the building, which is only interrupted by the singing of the birds.

"The Cazalla" remains open all year round and its room prices include breakfast. Despite the fact that it does not have a restaurant, there is a meal service that functions at the guest’s petition.

The gastronomic offer is based on local grown products and includes the creative edge of Rodrigo, the owner’s son, who adds his particular character to each meal. As for the bar service, it too, is somewhat special, as the guests serve themselves from the selection of drinks in the bar and fridge and then note down what they have taken on their personalised bill.

Within the very grounds of this country estate there is a water spring, which the whole building reservoir depends on. The guests in the hot summer months make the most of the cool refreshing water to freshen up.

The reservoir dates back to the XII century, but it began to have an important tourist value ever since work was conducted to repair some water filtration. A new stone basin and sides were constructed with a lot of hard work and now it is a delightful romantic little spot surrounded by plants.

It is also the starting point for a short marked path, which has recently, be reopened through thick bushes. At the end of the path there is a small stretch of high land with stones benches and rich vegetation from where the majestic landscape can be contemplated. Last but not least, is the unique swimming pool, which is designed in the shape of an ancient Arabic irrigation channel and which is also fed by the delicious spring water from a small waterfall.

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La Cazalla, Tajo del Abanico; Apartado de Correos 160, Zip Code 29400
952114175/678 45 60 16
Director - María Rosa Ruiz González
Capacity - 6 Rooms