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GR 249. 25. Etappe: Estación de Benaoján - Jimera de Líbar

Diputación de Málaga

GR 249. 25. Etappe: Estación de Benaoján - Jimera de Líbar

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1. Initiation Stage:

Access Starting point: There is a short stretch of road linking the MA-7401 access road from Ronda to Benaoján, very close
to the village. It can also be reached by train, using the Bobadilla-Algeciras line.

Starting point: The small square in Benaoján Station.

Enjoy the walk safely:   Just at start there is the level crossing with barriers over the railway. You have to follow the signs and use the pedestrian crossing section. Towards km 2.5 the walk gets very close to the Guadiaro riverbed. Although it                isn´t common, when there is major flooding water can reach an area of about 100 meters. In these circumstances it is best to retrace your steps, and do not expose yourself to potentially violent waters.

The embankments created during construction of the railway line have been secured with metal nets and guardrails have been provided for the dangerous sections. However, there are some places where this hasn´t happened, particularly at the Cuesta
de los Recoveros, where there is a concrete channel running on the side. In addition, the terrain along that stretch of the walk is very rocky and there is a possibility you could slip. At Jimera Líbar station you have to cross the road twice, and of course, this must be done at the designated pedestrian crossings.

Finally, to go up to Jimera de Líbar village you will walk along a paved path, however there are some sections along the road. Take precautions, but the traffic is not too heavy here.

2. Completion of Stage:

Access to finish  point: Jimera Líbar is reached using MA-8307 road Ronda to Algeciras (A-369) that connects with
the Cortes de la Frontera-Benaoján road (MA-8401).

Finish point: Southern part of Jimera de Líbar at the junction of the MA-8307, where the Fuente de Jimera and the old wash house are located.

3. Alternatives:

Possible "escape  routes":It is impossible to get out of Las Angosturas, keep going until the Jimera station or go back to Benaoján station.

No return point: It’s hard to pin-point, but a good benchmark is Arroyo Seco, recognizable because of the location at the second railway bridge. This watercourse is halfway between the two stations and it is recommended to keep going from this point as going back would mean a steep climb.

Connections to other footpaths and trails: Once you cross the River Guadiaro at Benaoján Station you are on the Cañada Real del Campo de Gibraltar, which is the main right of way in the area. This drover´s road is used by two PR paths of Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, namely the SL A-139 to the Cueva del Gato (linear, 2.2 km one way) and A-139 SL Guadiaro River (with the length of 7.3 km).

The Cordel del Monte de las Viñas joins the Cañada Real at the Descansadero (livestock rest area) de la Erilla Blanca (800 meters from the start) and it used to be an important link with Gibraltar from Ronda without having to go via the Benaoján tation. It has no current use and is barely recognizable, although it is way-marked.

Past the Mirador del Charco de Tunél there is a junction with a path going off to the left, barely visible, which is a locally signifi cant path to Alpandeire, leading through the most important property of Las Angosturas, the Cortijo del Quejigal, which is not visible from the GR. 

Jimera Líbar and its station are connected by numerous walks that fan out towards the fertile fl uvial plains (vegas) from the village entrance. The most commonly used were those from Huertas Nuevas and the paths chosen for the Great Path of Malaga, known as the Colada del Olivar. There are three or four other paths as options, advertised by the village and in perfect condition.

Finally, the Cañada Real del Campo de Gibraltar continues downward and parallel to Guadiaro River without crossing the railroad except once, over the green bridge. It is perfectly passable, and has been approved and designated the number PR A-255 and it joins the GR -249 again in next stage at Laguna Honda.


Dauer - 3:00 horas
Länge - 9300 Km