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GR 249. 21. Etappe: Estación de El Chorro - Ardales

Diputación de Málaga

GR 249. 21. Etappe: Estación de El Chorro - Ardales

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1. Initiation Stage:

Access Starting point: From Ardales, along a paved track off the MA-4401road. From Álora and Ardales, the MA-5403.

Starting point: point: Station of El Chorro.

Enjoy the walk safely:   The viewpoint placed along the penstock (reinforced high-pressure pipe structure) does not have any railings to prevent falls, and potentially could be the most dangerous spot of the whole stage. Take great care looking out if
you do walk along it.

Roads at the beginning and at the end of the stage usually do not have much traffi c, but the hard shoulder is narrow or lacking. The entrance to Ardales does have much more traffi c. The rest of the asphalt or concrete sections are actually paved country tracks. If you look at the icon representing type of surface at this stage, roads as such do not cover as much of the itinerary as it may suggest. The ford across the Arroyo del Algarrobo, at km 10.5, normally poses no problem, since here it is a dry stream bed, but be careful in rainy season just in case. The water spring of the Fuenfría is the only water source, which hasn´t, of course, been treated for human consumption, and in addition it is diffi cult to locate. Finally, at kilometre 4 there is the Embalse de Villaverde. It
is forbidden to walk along the highest perimeter track at the top edge of the reservoir and any fall into the reservoir´s basin is very dangerou.

2. Completion of Stage:

Access to finish point:  Ardales is on a detour from the A-357 Málaga- Campillos road. From El Burgo it is reachable by the mountain roads that follow the Turón river: the MA-5401 and MA-5402.

Finish point:  Municipal Museum of the Village of Ardales.

3. Alternatives:

Possible "escape  routes": The best place would be the Mesas de Villaverde, where there are the Contraembalse de la Encantada and a Venta (an inn).

No return point: Granado it is better to continue until Ardales, since with every step there are more houses and
the track becomes gradually more accessible to any vehicle

Connections to other footpaths and trails: The GR-249 y the GR-7 E-4 coincide entirely along this itinerary however in opposite directions.

 In case of the other GR it is its stage 6, Ardales to El Chorro, 15.5 km long. At the Mirador de Ardales, almost at the end of the stage, the walk intersects with Camino de los Azulejos, and, and the asphalted track is known in the area as the track to Cueva de Ardales.


Dauer - 7:00 horas
Länge - 21700 Km