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GR 249. 15. Etappe: Villanueva de Algaidas - Cuevas Bajas

Diputación de Málaga

GR 249. 15. Etappe: Villanueva de Algaidas - Cuevas Bajas

Routen Zu Fuß Mit dem Mountainbike
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1. Initiation Stage:

Access Starting point: There are two connections, Seville-Granada A-92, A-7201 from Archidona and the A-7221 from Antequera.

Starting point: At the crossroads of MA-6416 with the MA-7203 to Cuevas Bajas, at the northern end of the main centre of population of the village.

Enjoy the walk safely:  You have to stock up on water in the heat, since there is no drinking water along the walk. Be careful with the traffi c on the road before reaching Cuevas Bajas. The paved track before that does not hold danger as there is scarce transit of vehicles. 

2. Completion of Stage:

Access to finish point:  From Villanueva de Algaidas the MA-7203.

Finish point: Arroyo of Barranco Hondo, after crossing the village of Cuevas Bajas, at the south-western tip of the village.

3. Alternatives:

Possible "escape  routes": They are not necessary to plan at this stage, given its short length and low difficulty.

No return point: Once you are on top of Cerro de la Cruz it is worth it to continue going down instead of coming back. The settlement El Cedrón is already quite close.

Connections to other footpaths and trails:  Connections to other footpaths and trails The main novelty for the GR at this Stage is the fact that it follows entirely the 7th section of Camino Mozárabe of Malaga, coming from Cartaojal. At the beginning, you will traditional paths, like the Camino de Algaidas to Loma Vieja. The fi nal section walked on the road, is called Colada de Cedrón which also passes through la Moheda.

The twin GR, 7 E – 4, on this occasion only shares with the Great Path of Malaga a section along the ravine of the river Burriana, and then follows the course of this river to reach the same destination. They separate at km marker same to reach the same destination. They are separated at kilometre 1.5, at its access road to the Atalaya. The PR-A 129 circular of Villanueva de Algaidas is 7, 5 km long and connects two nearby settlements, itcoincides with the GR from the beginning of the stage up to the bridge on the Burriana, but then turns towards the east to complete its loop. The Town Hall in Cuevas Bajas has designed three short tours under the heading of Routes for a Healthy Life. Two of them go to the vegas del Genil to the eastern part of the Fernández Lake and the west of the farmhouse of Isla Grande and Las Huertas. Both share the starting point at the municipal gymnasium. The third walk climbs la Moheda and El Cedrón, and the itinerary resembles more the GR-249.


Dauer - 2:45 horas
Länge - 10100 Km