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GR 249. 26. Etappe: Jimera de Líbar - Benalauría

Diputación de Málaga

GR 249. 26. Etappe: Jimera de Líbar - Benalauría

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1. Initiation Stage:

Access Starting point: From the A-369 between Ronda and y Algeciras, crossroads with the MA- 8307. Another connection with the same road starts from MA-8401 between Cortes de la Frontera and Benaoján.

Starting point: Jimera de Líbar, Fuente and Lavadero in the village.

Enjoy the walk safely:  The main streams can be crossed using the light-weight makeshift bridges but there are a few you have to ford. However, in no case we are talking about long or dangerous watercourses, even in rainy season.

There could be cattle grazing in some extensive farming areas (Andalucían breeds: pajunas, retintas or berrendas). They do not
pose a particular danger but neither are they characterised by any special geniality. It is best to keep your distance, same with the bee hives which are at km 6.5.

The worse section of the day is the junction with A-369, which must be crossed at a place with best possible visibility. The section along Benalauría road must be walked according to the usual rules even though the traffic is not heavy. In order to get to the village you will be using the old tarmac track with no apparent assigned road number but used by the tough young locals as a short-cut to get directly tothe village square.

2. Completion of Stage:

Access to finish point:  Benalauría can be accessed only on one road, the MA-8306, which connects with the A-369 between Ronda and Gaucín.

Finish point:  Plaza del Teniente Viñas, in the pueblo of Benalauría.

3. Alternatives:

Possible "escape  routes": Your main strategic point for any emergencies is Siete Pilas, located more or less half-way through the walk. It is also feasible to go back to Estación de Cortes using the alternative walk, the GR-141.

No return point: Keeping in mind the two previous options, from the walnut country house onwards it is best to continue. Once you are close to Puerto de Benalauría it makes more sense to continue towards Benalauría or the Ronda road before the village.

Connections to other footpaths and trails:The GR-141 Gran Senda de la Serranía de Ronda matches our GR up to la Laguna Honda (where there is an option) and then up to Siete Pilas where the other GR heads for Valle del Guadiaro below, to the settlement called El Colmenar and passing through La Garganta de las Buitreras.

The PR A-255 (from Jimera de Líbar to Cortes de la Frontera) is 12 km long. It crosses La Estación de Cortes and connects only for a few metres with our GR in the vicinity of Laguna Honda. The PR A-255 uses a path parallel to the river, the Cañada Real del Campo de Gibraltar, coming from Estación de Jimera until the junction of the station at Río Guadiaro called Pasada del Retamal.

The PR A-237 (from la Cañada del Real Tesoro to Benalauría) coincides with Gran Senda de Málaga from Siete Pilas till the
end of stage 26. These two PR footpaths are good alternatives if you want to do a circular walk between Estación de Cortes, Jimera de Líbar and even Siete Pilas, combining the two GRs coming from the river.

There are two other officially approved walks which are described in next stage: PR A-238 (from Benalauría to Algatocín) and PR A-291 (from Jubrique to Benalauría). In any case, the natural passage between the valleys from Puerto de Benalauría results
in existence of many traditional public paths connecting the village to that area, which, lets not forget, also belongs to Benalauría.

El Camino from Gaucín to Jimera is a traditional path which, as mentioned is used by GR-249 until the close vicinity of Siete Pilas, and Venta de la Alfacara (whose ruins are at the border of the property with walnut trees). This Venta catered to the public at the intersection of the Camino with Cordel del Guadiaro to Fuente del Espino and Camino de la Fuensanta.

Dauer - 4:30 horas
Länge - 14500 Km